ISBN 9788176354103,Sams Teach Yourself Atl Programming In 21 Days

Sams Teach Yourself Atl Programming In 21 Days








Publication Year 2000

ISBN 9788176354103

ISBN-10 8176354104


Language (English)

Computer And Internet

Sams Teach Yourself ATL Programming in 21 Days quickly empowers you to create your own small, fast COM components quickly and easily using the Active Template Library. Written by a professional developer who applies ATL in his everyday development, the book provides guidance and direction, leading you through a progression of topics that begin with the basic building blocks of COM programming, and ending with in-depth discussions of the more commonly used features of the Active Template Library. Topics include creating your first ATL COM object, understanding the ATL architecture, using the ATL app wizard, working with ATL helper classes, handling ATL errors, using C++ templates, using multithreading, creating ATL applications, automation with ATL, combining ATL and OLE dB for database access, and using ATL with MTS (transactions). Table of Contents Days 1. Getting Started :Your First ATL COM Object 2. Exploring COM: The Technology ATL Supports 3. The COM Interface :COM's Foundation 4. C++ Templates:You Can't Code What You Don't Understand 5. ATL Architecture:How ATL Implements COM 6. The ATL App Wizard:Back to Basics 7. The ATL Object Wizard :Customizing the Basic ATL Framework 8. ATL Object Methods:Adding Functionally to Your Interface 9. Creating C++ Test Clients: You Can't Test What You Can't Execute 10. ATL and Errors:What to Do When Things Break 11. Multithreading : How and When 12. ATL and Apartments : How Win32 Threads and COM are Related 13. Creating ATL Applications:Where ATL Meet Win32 14. ATL and Automation :Creating RoboObjects 15. Custom Controls :Basic Control Development Techniques 16. ATL and ActiveX :Modern Control Packaging 17. ATL and Connection Points:Supporting COM's Event Model 18. ATL,Class Factories, and Licensed Objects :Creating Objects and Protecting Your Investments 19. Distributed ATL : DCOM Around the Net 20. ATL and OLE DB : Storing More 21. ATL and MTS:Coding with a Better COM