ISBN 9789381239421,Sandlines : When they arrived in Dubai

Sandlines : When they arrived in Dubai


Jason Prince


Zorba Publishers



Zorba Publishers

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789381239421

ISBN-10 9381239428


Number of Pages 366 Pages
Language (English)


CP, an engineer from India, hardworking and creative, comes to Dubai in the 1950s, to earn a living and participate in its growth story. His plans to make enough money and return to his family are thwarted by fate. Charles, reticent and soft spoken, is a reluctant migrant. He comes to Dubai in the late 1970s at the behest of his father who is not available to him. Charles has come, not for money but to seek answers. Answers which will shatter him. Shane is certain that he wants to return home to Dubai when he graduates in 2003. Dubai's economy is on an upswing and job opportunities are aplenty. But there are questions that have troubled him. About his name, his family, his inability to enter into a relationship, the deep hurt he carries. On another level, Sandlines traces the evolution of Dubai, the fourth invisible character, from a small Trucial State to a modern, thriving centre for trade and commerce, Through the eyes of CP, Charles and Shane the reader sees the growth and evolution of one of the most extraordinary city states in the world.