ISBN 9788188934065,Sanskrit Culture of Bengal

Sanskrit Culture of Bengal



Sharada Publishing House

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788188934065

ISBN-10 8188934062

Hard Back

Number of Pages 500 Pages
Language (English)


No work on the Sanskrit literature of Bengal (West Bengal and Bangladesh taken together) has as yet been published in English. The result is that the non-Bengali elites and the foreign indologists know very little about it beyond excepting what is written in stray articles published in different journals particularly in the English works on the history of Bengal. So, a sustained account of the Sanskrit literature, produced in Bengal, is a desideratum. The cultural heritage of Bengal represented in the Sanskrit works is vast, varied and valuable. There is harldy any branch of Sankrit literature, to which Bengal did not make substantial contribution. What is remarkable is that the scholars of this region left the impress of their originality in several domains of which the most prominent are Navyanyaya, Navya-smrti and Tantra. In fact, these are three colossal pillars on which rests the gargantuan edifice of the culture of medieval Bengal.
In the domain of the poetical literature, too, the Bengali literatures developed a new literary style, known as Gaudi-riti. till today, Bengal appears to be the pioneer in the realm of Sanskrit anthological literature. A historical study of Bengal's contribution to Sanskrit literature reveals the close cultural relation of this province with Nepal and Tibet, the latter preserving, in Tibetan translation, quite a number of Buddhist philosophicla and Tantric works, the Sanskrit originals of which have been lost. The present book is a comprehensive account of the Sanskrit literature, produced and ciltivated in Bengal since the earliest times. One volume is not sufficent for detailed treatment of the subject of this work, therefore, the author has tried to maek the book as brief as possible and amply documented.