ISBN 9788183331616,SAP & BW Data Warehousing

SAP & BW Data Warehousing


Arshad Khan


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ISBN 9788183331616
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ISBN 9788183331616

BPB Publications

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9788183331616

ISBN-10 8183331610


Language (English)


SAP and BW Data Warehousing :How to plan and Implement is an introductory book for professionals and end-users associated with SAP and BW.It addresses their need to obtain an overview of SAP and BW Warehousing and Implementation.SAP and BW Data Warehousing:How to plan and Implement will be beneficial to a broad audience including those planning an SAP and BW project.senior executives,directors,functional managers and analyst ,power users,end-users,project managers and project implement team members (including technical staff ,configurators, developers, and trainers).It can also be used as a supplemental text in IT Courses that covers the subjects of ERP and data warehousing.andTable of Contents:andPart – Aandandandandandandandandandandandandandandandandandandandandandandandandandandandandandandand SAPChapter 1.andandandandandandandandandand Needandfor enterprise resource planning softwareChapter 2.andandandandandandandandandand What is SAPChapter 3.andandandandandandandandandand Functionally and architecturesChapter 4.andandandandandandandandandand Implementation methodologiesChapter 5.andandandandandandandandandand ASAP methodologiesChapter 6.andandandandandandandandandand Phase 1 –Project PreparationChapter 7.andandandandandandandandandand Phase 2 –Business BlueprintChapter 8.andandandandandandandandandand Phase 3.-RealizationChapter 9.andandandandandandandandandand Phase 4 –Final PreparationChapter 10.andandandandandandandand Phase 5-Go-Live &SupportChapter 11.andandandandandandandand Project principles,guidelines and tipsChapter 12.andandandandandandandand Factors impacting project successChapter 13.andandandandandandandand How to ensure successChapter 14.andandandandandandandand Market’s influence on SAPandandPart –Bandandandandandandandandandandandandandandandand Business Warehouse(BW)andChapter 1.andandandandandandandandandand IntroductionChapter 2.andandandandandandandandandand Evolution of Data Warehousing and BWChapter 3.andandandandandandandandandand DWH Characteristics and DesignChapter 4.andandandandandandandandandand Process and ArchitectureChapter 5.andandandandandandandandandand Infrastructure and ToolsChapter 6.andandandandandandandandandand Multi-dimensionally and andOLAPChapter 7.andandandandandandandandandand Implementation ApproachesChapter 8.andandandandandandandandandand Planning a BW ProjectChapter 9andandandandandandandandandandand Building a BW Data WarehousingChapter 10.andandandandandandandand BW Architecture and ObjectsChapter 11.`andandandandandand BW DesignChapter 12.andandandandandandandand Creating and Loading InfoCubesChapter 13.andandandandandandandand Data MigrationChapter 14.andandandandandandandand BW Front-end ToolsChapter 15.andandandandandandandand Creating Queries with BExChapter 16.andandandandandandandand Other Qandandandandandandandandandandandandandandand uery Tools and Navigation TechniquesChapter 17.andandandandandandandand Failure Causes and Common Mistakesand