ISBN 9789350239629,Sap Hana Starter

Sap Hana Starter


Mark Walker


Shroff Publishers



Shroff Publishers

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789350239629

ISBN-10 9350239620


Number of Pages 76 Pages
Language (English)

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SAP HANA is SAPs in-memory database technology, and the focalpoint of their next generation strategy. Using column-based storageto provide highly compressed and rapidly accessed data, a SAP HANAapplication can be several hundred times faster than the sameapplication on previous generation database technology.
SAP HANA Starter is a hands-on book, taking you step-by-stepthrough the creation of your first SAP HANA application. You willdiscover the building blocks that SAP HANA provides, and use themto create a robust reporting application. More advanced featuresare shown, allowing you to transform your reporting applicationinto a yearly sales increase simulator. Finally, youll learn how toaccess your SAP HANA application from Microsoft Excel.
Using easy to understand examples and logical progression, youwill build your first SAP HANA application-a sales amountsimulator, from scratch.
Starting with the creation of tables in the database, and usingthe modeling building blocks provided by the SAP HANA Studio, youwill first see how to build a reporting application on thesetables, and then extend this application to allow sales increasesimulation, finally making the data available to others inMicrosoft Excel.