ISBN 9789812744562,Sap Practical English Vocabulary For Secondary Level

Sap Practical English Vocabulary For Secondary Level

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ISBN 9789812744562

ISBN-10 9812744568


Number of Pages 306 Pages
Language (English)


Aims to teach and enrich a student's vocabulary, grammer in the course of learning the English Language. Table of Contents Section 1 Words With Multiple Meanings Section 2 Forms Of Irregular Verbs Section 3 Compound Words Section 4 Words From The Same Family Section 5 Prepositions In Phrases And Idioms Section 6 Converted Words Section 7 Derivative Words Section 8 Learning And Using Words Section 9 Phrasal Verbs Section 10 Confusing Words. Section 11 Contextual Word Meanings Section 12 Learning And Using Idioms Section 13 Learning And Using Word Pairs Section 14 Completion Of Idioms Section 15 Contextual Idiomatic Meanings Section 16 Miscellaneous Vocabulary Items