ISBN 9788185616346,Sastriya sangita and music culture of bengal (2 vol)

Sastriya sangita and music culture of bengal (2 vol)



Neha Publishers & Distributors

Publication Year 1998

ISBN 9788185616346

ISBN-10 8185616345

Hard Back

Number of Pages 555 Pages
Language (English)


Bengal is a land of music-a culture that has thrived from ancient times, manifesting itself in various styles.
This book is a detailed study of the development of Sastriya Sangita in Bengal from the distant ages of the present day, covering Pracina, Madhya and Adhunika Yugas, together with their historic backgrounds. It also deals with various trends of music that came into Bengal through her business ties with other lands, and occupation by different races who settled down there bringing with them their distinctive styles of music influenced by their religious and social practices.
The book brings to light the ancient styles, such as-Nathagiti, Caryagiti, etc.; medieval styles, such as-Mangalagiti, Pacali, Krishna-Kirtana, Kirtana, etc.; and more recent styles, such as-Kavigana, Akhadai, Half-akhdai, Brahma-Sangita, Rabindra-Sangita, Kavya-Sangita, Ragapradhana, along with Dhrupada, Khayal, Tappa, Thumri, etc. and instrumental music. These styles have been enumerated with notated examples wherever possible.
Included in this book are biographical sketches of important musicians and also various gharanas with their maestros who influenced the music of Bengal. A special chapter on 'Evolution of Notation System' has been added. The concluding chapter which includes a list of books and treatises, gives an idea about the amount of study and research that were carried out on music in Bengal through the ages