ISBN 9780380015399,Satanic Bible

Satanic Bible


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Avon Books

Publication Year 1976

ISBN 9780380015399

ISBN-10 0380015390


Number of Pages 272 Pages
Language (English)

Body & health

The Satanic Bible Is A Spiritual Book Composed Of Short Narratives, Observations, And Rituals Put Together By Author Anton Lavey. The Satanic Bible Is Composed Of Four Books, Which Are The Book Of Satan, The Book Of Lucifer, The Book Of Belial, And The Book Of Leviathan. The Book Of Satan Questions The Existence Of The Ten Commandments And The Golden Rule, And Endorses Hedonism. The Book Of Lucifer Holds Most Of The Philosophy In The Satanic Bible, Consisting Of Twelve Chapters Which Discuss Topics Such As Indulgence, Love, Hate, And Sex. Lavey Also Uses The Book To Get Rid Of Rumours Surrounding The Religion. In The Book Of Belial, Lavey Elaborates Rituals And Magic. He Discusses The Required Mental Preparation And Focus For Performing A Ritual, And Provides Instructions For Three Rituals, Which Are Those For Sex, Compassion, Or Destruction. The Book Of Leviathan Provides Four Invocations For Satan, Lust, Compassion, And Destruction. It Also Lists The Nineteen Enochian Keys. Anton Lavey Was Born In 1930 As Howard Stanton Levey In Chicago, Illinois, Usa. He Dropped Out Of Globe High School In His Third Year To Join A Circus And Later Carnivals, First As A Roustabout And Cage Boy In An Act With The Big Cats, Then As A Musician Playing The Calliope. He Would Later Work As An Organist In Bars, Lounges, And Nightclubs. He Became A Local Celebrity Through His Paranormal Research And Live Performances As An Organist, Including Playing The Wurlitzer At The Lost Weekend Cocktail Lounge. Anton Lavey Died In 1997, In San Francisco Of Pulmonary Edema. Apart From Writing The Satanic Bible, Lavey Was Credited With The Creation Of Books Such As The Complete Witch And The Satanic Rituals.

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