ISBN 9788129124876,Savage Harvest : Stories Of Partition

Savage Harvest : Stories Of Partition


Rupa & Co



Rupa & Co

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9788129124876

ISBN-10 8129124874


Number of Pages 264 Pages
Language (English)

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In This Groundbreaking Book, Dr Louann Brizendine Describes The Uniquely Flexible Structure Of The Female Brain And Its Constant, Dynamic State Of Change - The Key Difference That Separates It From That Of The Male - And Reveals How Women Think, What They Value, How They Communicate, And Whom They?Ll Love. She Also Reveals The Neurological Explanations Behind Why... N* A Woman Remembers Fights That A Man Insists Never Happened...N* Thoughts About Sex Enter A Woman?S Brain Perhaps Once Every Couple Of Days, But Mayenter A Man?S Brain Up To Once Every Minute?N* A Woman?S Brain Goes On High Alert During Pregnancy ? And Stays That Way Long After Giving Birth...N* A Woman Over 50 Is More Likely To Initiate Divorce Than A Man?N* Women Tend To Know What People Are Feeling, While Men Can?T Spot An Emotion Unless Someone Cries Or Threatens Them With Bodily Harm! NNaccessible, Fun And Compelling, And Based On More Than Three Decades Of Research, The Female Brain Will Help Women To Better Understand Themselves - And The Men In Their Lives. About The Author Dr Louanne Brizendine Is Clinical Professor Of Psychiatry And Director Of The Women?S Mood And Hormone Clinic At The University Of California. She Has More Than Three Decades Of Experience As A Physician, Psychiatrist, Psychopharmacologist And Has Studied The Female Brain For The Past 20 Years. She Lives In San Francisco With Her Husband And Son. Table Of Contents Finally, A Satisfying Answer To Freud'S Question: What Does A Woman Want? Louann Brizendine Has Done A Great Favour For Every Man Who Wants To Understand The Puzzling Women In His Life. A Breezy And Enlightening Guide To Women - And A Must-Read For Men.,Sassy, Witty, Reassuring And Great Fun. All Women And The Men Who Love Them, Should Read This Book.,Timely, Insightful, Readable And An Altogether Magnificent Book.,An Eye-Opening Account Of The Biological Foundations Of Human Behaviour. Destined To Become A Classic?,Ranging From Sex To Breast-Feeding, Fights To Teenage Girls, Brizendine Communicates In A Fresh, Engaging Style, Explaining The Structure Of The Brain, Which Determines Women'S Thoughts, Values And Communication Skills. A Fantastic Guide From A Heavyweight Academic.