ISBN 9789380828152,Say no to Diabetes

Say no to Diabetes



Times Group Books - New Delhi

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9789380828152

ISBN-10 9380828152


Number of Pages 327 Pages
Language (English)

Public health & preventive medicine

This Book Practical and Proven Health Suggestions for Types 1 and 2 Diabetes examinesclinically proven dietary strategies and lifestyle changes, including theimportance of the glycemic index and fiber for a healthier diet; vitamins withproven benefit to diabetics; minerals, herbs, and other supplements andnutrients for promoting health; and the benefits of exercise. Looks at naturalalternatives for alleviating some of the complications of diabetes, such ascardiovascular disease, eye problems, foot problems, kidney disease, thyroidimbalances, and impotence. The science behind the use of specific nutrients isthoroughly documented throughout.Say No to Diabetes can help you createa program to address diabetes and its complications and improve your health andwell-being

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