ISBN 9780230630017,Say No To Me: The True Power Of Upside-Down Selling

Say No To Me: The True Power Of Upside-Down Selling




Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9780230630017

ISBN-10 0230630014


Number of Pages 192 Pages
Language (English)


Whether one is a seasoned professional or a relative newcomer to the sales industry, he/she must have heard one, more or all of the following responses from clients or prospects regardless of the sector of the sales industry in which one works? ? I dealt with you (or your colleague) before, and I wasn't happy. ? Your product/s and/or service/s cost too much. ? I already have a supplier I?m happy with. ? Your turnaround time is too long. ? We have no need of your product/s and/or service/s. When cold-calling, or prospecting over the phone, likely you have heard one, more, or all of the following as well: ? Can I tell him/her who is calling? ? Can I tell him/her exactly what this is about? ? Can you send me a brochure? ? I?m always busy; I don't have time. ? Can you call me back? ? Will you confirm with me the day before? The book helps one to resolve this fundamental problem-the avoidance of objections-so that one can close more deals more quickly and become a Big Game H About the Author Alice Wheaton, an executive consultant and trainer, excels in assisting individuals and companies develop a clearly focused tactical and strategic plan aimed at bottom-line results through increased performance. After graduating with a degree in nursing , She worked for six years as an intensive care nurse. She began her business career as the first woman on her team at Xerox Canada and within first year, she was awarded ?Salesperson of the Year?. In addition to her schedule of presentations as founder of CoreGrowth Foundations Inc., She has written and conducted seminars, workshops and keynote addresses for North American audiences and she publishes articles on a variety of subjects in magazines across North America. Table of Contents Introduction 1. Objections Are the Juice of the Sale! 2. Internal Objections that Sabotage Success 3. How to manage Emotions & Feelings 4. The Hazards of Perfectionism 5. The confidence Myth 6. Questions Are the Answer, Aren't They? 7. Needs Assessments Resolve Objections 8. Problems are like Icebergs?Really! 9. Price?The Mother of all Objections 10.Warm UP the Cold Call 11.Break Out of Voice Jail 12.Generic Sales Industry Objections 13.Problem Situations that Threaten the Sale 14.The Million Dollar Script 15.Mastering the Inner & Outer Objections Appendix A: Network & multi-level Marketing Appendix B: The New Home Buyer