ISBN 9788131796054,Scala for the Impatient

Scala for the Impatient



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Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9788131796054

ISBN-10 8131796051

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Number of Pages 384 Pages
Language (English)

Computer programming

Scala is a modern scripting and object-functional language for the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). It integrates the best features of functional and object-oriented programming languages. It includes support for functional programming like pattern matching, lazy evaluation, algebraic data types, immutability, and tail recursion. It can be used to write concise programs and access the Java library and Java frameworks.

Scala for the Impatient discusses how developers can benefit from Scala. It introduces the important techniques and gives a quick overview of the Scala programming language. Beginning with the basics like the Scala Interpreter and Scaladoc, the book goes on to cover Functions, Control Structures, Classes, Objects, Parsing, and Collections. The book includes concepts like Scala's syntax, interpreter, and unique idioms.

The book is divided into 22 chapters and covers the core features like arrays, functions, maps, packages, tuples, imports, and exception handling. The book also discusses Scala classes, traits, and inheritance. The author also focuses on how Scala can be used in real-world programming tasks like working with files, XML, and regular expressions.

Scala for the Impatient also includes working with some higher-order functions, leveraging the powerful pattern matching of Scala, case classes, creation of concurrent programs with Scala actors, implementation of domain-specific languages, and understanding the Scala type system. Other topics like Statement Termination, Constructing a Map, Bean Properties, Nested Classes, Packages and Imports, Annotations, and Type Parameters are also covered.

The book helps build the existing skills of the programmers and allows them to construct useful applications immediately along with mastering the advanced programming techniques. It includes activities that can guide programmers from the basic level to higher levels.

About Cay S. Horstmann

Cay S. Horstmann is a writer and professor.

Other books by him include Core Java: Fundamentals - Volume 1, Core Java: Advanced Features - Volume 2, Core JavaServer Faces, C++ for Everyone, and Java Concepts.

Horstmann completed his degree from the Christian-Albrechts-Universitt in Kiel, and received his M.S. in computer science from Syracuse University. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Michigan. A Java champion, Horstmann currently works as a Computer Science professor at San Jose State University