ISBN 9788129131119,Scent of a Game

Scent of a Game


Rupa & Co



Rupa & Co

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9788129131119

ISBN-10 8129131110


Number of Pages 394 Pages
Language (English)


Tsunami in the Jungle!
Burree Maada, the famous Royal Bengal tigress, the pride of the tiger gene-pool, is mysteriously missing from the hight-security of the Kanha Tiger Reserve.
Mystery thickens as an old man's surreal dream about his son, Ram-a highly successful NRI settled in Silicon Valley-being ravaged by a tiger uncannily begins to come true; Ganga, a brilliant Forest officer protecting tigers, is unceremoniously transferred; Sherry, a vivacious investigative journalist, is attacked repeatedly by the wildlife mafia; and a debonair Maharaja and his royal guests plan to recreate old-time tiger-shikar, with deep, dark vengeance in mind.
Set against the backdrop of wildlife conservation, Scent of a Game is a chronicle of tiger-poaching, big-game hunting and the international trade in endangered species worth billions of dollars. With its stark and unsettling storyline, this mystery-thriller transforms our understanding of not just the tiger and our environment, but life itself."

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