ISBN 9789351036586,Scholastic Yearbook 2015

Scholastic Yearbook 2015


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Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789351036586

ISBN-10 9351036588


Number of Pages 640 Pages
Language (English)

Knowledge and Learning

Scholastic Yearbook turns 5! Announcing the arrival of the new blockbuster edition of the Scholastic Yearbook 2015! New sections! Completely Updated! Well-known Contributors! This latest edition brings you: Major events of the world and India People in the news Popular awards Facts about Indias states and the worlds countries World and Indian political round-up Sports highlights Environment news Top ten lists of the biggest, highest, strongest Developments in science and space News and views from the world of entertainment Lifestyle news and trends Be the star of quizzes, projects, competitive exams or just a GK champ with this up-to-date round-up of the years information. Timelines, essays, facts and lists make this a must-have definitive current events reference book for all. Contributors include: Amit Gurbaxani, music journalist, gives a lowdown on the popular music scene. Ashish Bhatia, astro-biologist and science writer, on science and technology. Ashish Mohan Khokar, author, columnist, writes about the world of dance. Azeem Banatwalla, engineer, geek, journalist and a stand-up comedian, on the latest in cyberspace. Biman Basu, space expert, on the latest from space. Deepa Gahlot, theatre critic and author puts the spotlight on theatre. Jaya Bhattacharji Rose, publishing consultant, with a roundup of the years books. Jharna Thakkar, qualified chef and food writer on whats cooking across India. Kabeer Sharma, editor, journalist, critiques fashion trends for the year. Keya Acharya, independent environmental journalist and researcher, on going green. Mayank Shekhar, film critic and journalist, with a round-up of the years cinema. Meera Menezes, art critic and curator, with her views on art. Mohit Kapoor, consulting lawyer on landmark Indian court judgements of the year. Neha Dara, traveller, blogger and journalist, digs up travel trends for the year. Nikhil Taneja, journalist, teacher, TV writer-producer with a review of whats big on the idiot box. Ramesh Ramachandran, journalist and author, explores politics and foreign affairs in India and around the world. Sukhwant Basra, sports editor-writer, rounds up the action in the sports world.