ISBN 9788172450946,School Essays, Letters, Paragraphs, Composition and Applications

School Essays, Letters, Paragraphs, Composition and Applications



Goodwill Publishing House

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788172450946

ISBN-10 817245094X


Number of Pages 166 Pages
Language (English)

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The ability to communicate effectively is a major objective of education. It is an asset by which one achieves a frontline position, whether in studies, profession or in any other walk of life. However, with the emerging popularity of telecommunications, particularly mobile phones, television and internet, there is a tendency to ignore the power of writing. The lack of writing skills is stumbling block in an individual's progress and success. A commonly believed notion is that writing is a serious literary business. Against this, quite often the essays and letters of novices and children evoke much sincerity and interest. They contain a flavour of freshness fun. They are often crisp and clear. They have a high probability of spontaneity and express innovative ideas. In fact, too much emphasis on set principles, past trends model essays robs one of the natural and creative impulse. We believe that everyone is a born writer. One's creative potential has to be drawn out through proper guidance. This book attempts to provide simple ideas and lines for anyone who wants to write through paragraphs, essays, letters, applications, compositions, notices and advertisements. These have been written to cover junior and middle school curriculum.