ISBN 9788189833459,Science and Philosophy in Ancient India

Science and Philosophy in Ancient India



Aakar Books

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9788189833459

ISBN-10 8189833456


Number of Pages 244 Pages
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Economic theory & philosophy

In ancient India, the only discipline that aspired to be fully secular and promised-though inevitably in a rather rudimentary form-the beginnings of natural science in the modern sense, was medicine or Ayurveda. It moreover represented the original nucleus from which could eventually branch off specialised sciences like botany and zoology, anatomy and physiology, meteorology and metallurgy, even physics and chemistry. Besides, for all that we know of ancient Indian culture, it was in the medical circle that a conscious attempt to settle the question of the methodology of natural science was first developed. The significance of this for the development of Indian logic is already discussed by S. N. Dasgupta.