ISBN 9789382688297,Science Lesson Plan

Science Lesson Plan



Gullybaba Publishing House

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789382688297

ISBN-10 9382688293


Number of Pages 143 Pages
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Science Lesson Plan CONTENTS COVERED 1. Introduction 2. Teaching of Science 3. Different Lesson Planning Photosynthesis 7th Class Clinical Thermometer 7th Class Rusting of Iron and Crystallisation 7th Class Types of Properties of Soil 7th Class Breathing 7th Class Reproduction in Plants 7th Class Commercial use of Microorganisms 8th Class Types of Synthetic Fibres 8th Class Combustion 8th Class Asexual reproduction in Animals 8th Class A force can change the state of motion 8th Class Sound produced by Humans 8th Class Can Matter cahnge its State 9th Class Atom 9th Class Organisation of a cell 9th Class Acceleration 9th Class Second Law of Motion 9th Class Weight of an object on the Moon 9th Class Rate of doing Work 10th Class Transportation in Plants 10th Class 4. Microteaching 5. Lesson Planning based on Microteaching Balanced Diet 6th Class Blood 7th Class Natural Resources 8th Class Tissue 9th Class 6. Become an Ideal Pedagogue