ISBN 9788186652015,Scientific Basis Of Health Services

Scientific Basis Of Health Services


R Smith


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Byword Books

Publication Year 1997

ISBN 9788186652015

ISBN-10 8186652019


Language (English)

Personal & public health

We are becoming used to the idea that medical interventions should be based wherever possible on scientific evidence, but the idea that the design and function of health services should also be based on the best scientific evidence is less familiar and more radical. Yet increasingly politicians, policy-makers, managers and health workers are understanding that modern health services must be based on the best available research evidence. The Scientific Basis of Health Services has grown out of the major conference to look at how the activities of health services can be rooted in research. Leading figures gathered from over 30 countries to share their experience and ideas. Strong links between science and health care are essential if the outputs of science and technology are to be used to best effect. This ground-breaking book points the way to the future and is essential reading for those designing and managing health services and for those working within them. Table of Contents Foresight of advances in science and technology Towards a paradigm for technology assessment Economic evaluation and clinical practice Impact of management on outcomes Advances in genetics : implications for health services and social and ethical issues Critical look at clinical guidelines The Harvard clinical effectiveness training programme Assessing payback on the investment in research The role of the consumer in health research Research in medical ethics and ethics of research in the European Union Evidence based management in health care A research base for professional staffing of health services Shifting the balance between secondary and primary care Advances in communication and information technology : implications for health services Promoting the use of research findings Theory and Practice of economic appraisal in health care Monitoring and evaluating a community based mental health service : the epidemiological approach Health promotion and disease prevention : the evaluation of health service interventions