ISBN 9788121509039,Scinde or the Unhappy Valley, 2 vols (bd. In 1)

Scinde or the Unhappy Valley, 2 vols (bd. In 1)



Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 1999

ISBN 9788121509039

ISBN-10 8121509033

Hard Back

Number of Pages 320 Pages
Language (English)


CONTENTS: Vol. 1; 1. The "Shippe of Helle" - i.e. The Government steamer that took us to scinde 2. First glimpse of the unhappy valley and the native town of Kurrachee 3. Camp Kurrachee and its environs, Mugur peer and the crocodile ride 4. The March and the very Pretty Persian girl 5. The legend of Bhambora - Scindia deserta - The fare well order of a commander in chief and the camel rider 6. Tattah and its Holy hill 7. The capture of Tattah in the olden time 8. Shaykh Radhan and the dead camel 9. The seven headless prophets 10. Soondan and jerruck 11. Kotree - A comedy of baggage beasts - The intrenched camp - Hyderabad 12. The Hindoos of scinde - Their rascality and their philoprogenitiveness 13. The scindian man - His character and what he drinks 14. The scindian woman - Especially her exterior Vol. 2; 15. Lectures and preachments 16. We prepare to quit Hyderabad 17. Reflections on the field of meeanee 18. Down the fulailee river to Sudderan's column - The stepmother 19. A ride to meer Ibrahim Khan Talpur's village 20. Meer Ibrahim Khan Talpur 21. A beloch dinner and tea-party 22. The Mimosa Bank; its giant face - Scindia petrea - The beloch muse 23. The Lukkee pass, and its evil spirit - Schwan, its beggars and its "Alexander's Camp" 24. Lake Manchar - Larkhana the pretty, and Mahtab, the Donna of Larkhana 25. The picturesque "Sukkur Bukkur Rohri" 26. Shikarpur, its Central Asian Bazaar, and its Hindoos 27. Upper scinde - Durranee heroism of sentiment 28. The song of the Bungalow - Down the Indus "Home"