ISBN 9789381970591,Secrets of Astrology Everybody Must Know

Secrets of Astrology Everybody Must Know



Gullybaba Publishing House

Publication Year 1899

ISBN 9789381970591

ISBN-10 9381970599


Number of Pages 142 Pages
Language (Hindi)
Secrets of Astrology Everybody Must Know 'Secrets of Astrology Everybody Must Know' as the name suggests unfolds the mysteries associated with astrology. The book has been written by eminent astrologer Dr. S.S. Gola. The book highlights the ways to grow in life with astrology as the guiding star. It helps resolve the issues pertaining in life with solutions recommended by astrology. In the entire book the subject of astrology has been treated as science with suitable arguments presented in favor. It introduces readers with the subject, help understand planetary position and their impact on marriage and sunshine. Horoscope analysis has been effectively elaborated in the book and it also assists you in studying horoscopes. The book has simplified the complex subject of astrology, read it on to understand and practice it