ISBN 9789380828688,Secular INDIA
Politics of Minorityism

Secular INDIA Politics of Minorityism



Times Group Books - New Delhi

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789380828688

ISBN-10 9380828683


Number of Pages 284 Pages
Language (English)
Appeasement politics is a double-edged sword. The section of the population that is treated as more equal than others is never quite satisfied with the magnitude of doles coming its way, and the section that is treated as merely equal accuses the state of step-motherly treatment. Then begins an unseemly tussle between the appeaser and its counter-communal rival to treat the two groups as their respective vote banks. In the process, the nation stands divided forever. Secular India... is a compilation of essays by country's prominent citizens that go beyond boundaries of religion and caste. Issues have been examined to deal with backwardness. About The Author Prof. Rakesh Sinha is Associate Professor at Delhi University and an honorary director of the India Policy Foundation. He is author of the dissertation on "Political Ideas of Dr K B Hedgewar." He has also written a monograph on the Equal Opportunity Commission titled, "Deceptive Equality" and an intervention paper on "Census 2011: Blinkered Vision, Fragmented Ideas".