ISBN 9780071078016,Security Analysis And Portfolio Management

Security Analysis And Portfolio Management



Tata Mcgraw Hill Education Private Limited

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9780071078016

ISBN-10 0071078010


Number of Pages 708 Pages
Language (English)


This book provides a comprehensive coverage on security analysis as well as portfolio management with a student-friendly approach. With discussion on latest topics, numerous examples, rich pedagogy, as well as exercises, it will adequately meet the requirements of business management students. Salient Features Portfolio analysis approach An exclusive chapter devoted for investment in real estate, presenting the computation of return on investment in real estate under different scenarios, risk in investment in real estate and certain precautionary measures. Various valuation models for valuing a company or project in which an investor wants to invest. Discusses both asset valuation and real option valuation model. An interactive platform developed on facebook, to enable readers to interact directly with our author.1 TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Investments: Concepts and Features 2. Investment Avenues 3. Indian Capital Market 4. Stock Exchanges in India 5. Stock Market Indices 6. Depository System and Listing of Securities 7. Futures and Options 8. Real Estate 9. Risk and Return 10. Market Regulators 11. Multifactor Risk and Return Models 12. Effi cient Market Hypothesis 13. Company Valuation 14. Equity Valuation 15. Bond Valuation 16. Technical Analysis 17. Fundamental Analysis 18. Portfolio Construction 19. Markowitz Model 20. Sharpe Portfolio Optimisation Model 21. Portfolio Evaluation 22. Portfolio Revision and Management Appendix A: Investment Analysis Appendix B: Using Calculator/Coputer for Computations Appendix C: Standardized Normal Distribution Table Appendix D: List of Useful Websites Model Question Paper Model Question Paper Index