ISBN 9789381626740,Seed of Genius

Seed of Genius


Ankur Gupta



Westland Publications

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789381626740

ISBN-10 938162674X


Number of Pages 215 Pages
Language (English)

Management: leadership & motivation

Each person is born with the potential to be whatever they want to be. As a person grows, their mental faculties open up, they learn to use their intelligence in whatever task they are doing.
Intelligence implies the ability to understand a concept, deconstruct, analyze and reimagine it. It is the ability to use all the mental faculties well. And, Intelligence is not fixed. If a person gets a low score in an IQ test, they can improve it the next time they take the test through practice. Thus, intelligence can be improved, it is not something that is allotted in a set quantity to each person.
The author says that to function at an optimal level, to use their intelligence fully, a person first has to know himself. They have to realize their own strengths and weaknesses, what they are interested in and so on. Each person has particular areas where they are strong, and areas where they do not do so well. Once a person realizes their own strength, they should concentrate on developing it, not get obsessed and side-tracked by their weaknesses.
This book aims to take people through the steps to identifying their own potential and realizing it. To use their natural abilities to the full extent. The book has been arranged to logically proceed from realization to growth. The author draws an analogy between how the book has been arranged to the stages in boarding a flight. The first part is waiting in the departure lounge. In this section, the author introduces the basic ideas. He begins with the chapters, Our Origin and Arise Awake. The next stage is the preparation for take off. Here the author discusses the concept of intelligence, the Intelligence Quotient tests and the futility of trying to measure actual intelligence. The chapters in this section are Interesting Intelligence, and Measuring Methods.
The next stage is the actual flying. This is the core of the book, where the reader begins to really understand the concept of intelligence. The chapters in this part are Plural Potential, Genetic Genius and Assessing Access. After this comes the post flight process. Here, the author discusses the ways to let the seed grow, to nurture intelligence, like a seed is nurtured by a combination of soil, water, fertilizers, and sunlight. In this section he focuses on topics like Brain Basics, Mind Matters and Future Focus.
Seed Of Genius: Nurture Your Natural Multiple Intelligences teaches its readers ways in which to awaken to their own potential, and how to realize that potential through the use of their various mental faculties. The iQuiz and iTry sections in the book lets the readers assess their own intelligence and become aware of what they are capable of.
About Ankur Gupta
Ankur Gupta is a retired corporate executive and a self-improvement expert.
He is also the author of Chaitanya Jyoti - Experiencing the Divine.
Ankur Gupta is a graduate of BITS, Pilani, and IIM, Ahmedabad. He worked in the healthcare industry for decades. He has worked on synergizing creative skills with digital technology. He conducts Mind Management workshops.