ISBN 9780140424294,Selected Poetry

Selected Poetry


Penguin UK



Penguin UK

Publication Year 2000

ISBN 9780140424294

ISBN-10 0140424296


Number of Pages 357 Pages
Language (English)


With this collection, renowned Colridge biographer Richard Holmes casts new light on the poet's sensibilities and accomplishments. Holmes divides the poems into eight categories of theme and genre, dispelling the myth of Coleridge as "the metaphysical dreamer" and rediscovering him as a Romantic autobiographer of tremendous power and range. At the heart of Selected Poetry are the Conversation Poems, a unified and beautifully crafted autobiographical sequence written over a period of twelve years. A series of little-known love poems to Asra, which combine understated passion and desperate directness, reflect the depths of Coleridge's feelings for Sara Hutchinson, his unattainable lifelong love. The volume also includes the robust Hill Walking Poems, and the secret agony of the Confessional Poems, as well as previously undervalued later poetry born of Coleridge's restless old age and his ironic reflection on his life. @RamblinMan But then a storm. Yes, a storm. Struck by a storm. A perfect storm. The Weather Channel said it would be sunny. Assholes! Can you guess where we ended up? Yeah, the worst place ever. Antarctica. So, so cold. We should have shopped at North Face first. How cold? Have you been to Chicago? Imagine that, but 100x worse. And with only an all-male crew don't ask how we stay warm at sea

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