ISBN 9780824798581,Self-Management of Asthma

Self-Management of Asthma


CRC Press



CRC Press

Publication Year 1998

ISBN 9780824798581

ISBN-10 0824798589


Number of Pages 440 Pages
Language (English)


This edifying volume presents current clinical and research issues on the self-management of asthma from potential improvements and the evolving role of behavioral science in asthma treatment to assessments relevant to the subjective experience of asthma.
Reveals how self-care programs can serve to improve patient health while lowering medical costs by reducing the need for services, such as hospitalization and emergency facilities!
Featuring a unique multidisciplinary approach by experts in clinical pulmonary medicine and the behavioral sciences, Self-Management of Asthma
elucidates the impact of asthma on the individual, family, and society
discusses psychological correlates of asthma severity
provides a basic understanding of the measurement of quality of life in asthma
reviews methods of pulmonary home monitoring
examines the perception of resistance to breathing and its modification
furnishes guidelines for the selection and implementation of effective pediatric, adult, and personalized self-management programs
details potential solutions for overcoming lack of compliance to treatment recommendations
and more!
Complemented with references, tables, equations, and drawings, Self-Management of Asthma is essential reading for allergists, immunologists, pulmonologists, respiratory physiologists, psychophysiologists, health and clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, public health specialists, and graduate and medical school students in these disciplines.