ISBN 9789350570104,Sex Ke Rang Raaz Evam Rehesya

Sex Ke Rang Raaz Evam Rehesya



V & S Publishers

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9789350570104

ISBN-10 9350570106


Number of Pages 120 Pages
Language (Hindi)

Indian Writing

Sex Ke Rang Raaz Evam Rehesya, authored by Surendra Nath Saxena, is an intelligent book in Hindi on sex and how it is perceived by the society and how it is meant to be. Summary of the Book Sex is a subject that is still frowned upon while talking in public, in a society like India. Unlike many other western societies, it is not considered just as an act of love. This amorous activity is not discussed, even between husband and wife and lovers most of the times. The author asserts that fear, doubt and unreasonable discretion still prevail in India, the very land which birthed the epic Kamasutra. Although old temples in India like Khajuraho, Badami, Aihole, depict beautiful erotic sculptures, today's society is crippled by narrow mindedness. Sex has even become forceful to many, especially women, in this context. There is not much freedom in this matter, as it is supposed to be. The author carefully delves on these issues and ponders upon them without offending anybody. He even discusses how the act of love could be made more intimate between two people, rather than being disconnected emotionally or mentally. About Surendra Nath Saxena Surendra Nath Saxena is an Indian author and writer. His sensible style of writing has been widely commended and has touched many sensitive and voracious minds alike.