ISBN 9789381836804,Shadow Boxing with the Gods : The Story of Mankind's Beliefs

Shadow Boxing with the Gods : The Story of Mankind's Beliefs



Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789381836804

ISBN-10 9381836809


Number of Pages 224 Pages
Language (English)


The Old order changeth Yielding Place to new Lest one good custom Should corrupt the world Alfred, Lord Tennyson Shadow Boxing with The Gods is a tour through many traditions and beliefs in the history of Man, to arrive at the truths we recognize today. It is a book of aggressive but persistently rational thought, which deconstructs the beliefs and theologies that have accompanied mankind from the earliest times and often controlled human destinies. While many of these beliefs help people to find meaning to the great mystery of life, they nevertheless crave to be understood in the context of our modern environment. Based on the core truth that the greatest ideas, if carried to extremes, can become ridiculous and hurt people, the book traces the diverse strands of human belief in various civilizations, starting with fantasy and myth-making. Ideas about life, divinity, nature and community, have enriched existence but have also caused mayhem and tyranny through blind beliefs that fed fundamentalism and terror. The Nazi holocaust, the burning of witches and heretics at the stake, the indignity of widowhood and caste practices in India, were all the result of beliefs that overpowered the minds of large sections of people. Today, more than ever before, we are equipped with science, reason and information, to embrace the spiritual and the humane, while freeing ourselves from the clutches of superstition and ignorance thus achieving a far deeper understanding about our individual and collective existence.
About the Author Vijay N. Shankar is a New Delhi-based writer who has spent his adult life working as a journalist. He has been a war correspondent, an investigative reporter for national newspapers such as Indian Express and The Statesman, a magazine editor and scripted films on Indian culture and philosophy for the Ministry of External Affairs and television. Post-retirement, Shankar has functioned as a full-time writer. He has authored two books of poetry - Rusted Laughter and The Other Time. His works of fiction include a collection of short stories - The Music Man and a novel - Storm in Kashmir. His non-fiction works feature the well- received coffee-table editions - The Golden Temple, The Guru Granth Sahib and Anandpur Sahib. This trilogy on the Sikh religion was the outcome of his belief that the Sikh gurus gave all of us a new philosophy by cohering life with spiritualism. Based on his own experiences with dialysis, his book, There is Life After Dialysis (2013), filled a glaring lacunae on the subject. Shadow Boxing With The Gods was a work-in-progress for nearly five years, during which period Shankar also wrote, Gandhians In Blue Jeans a book for young people and created graphic adaptations of Jim Corbetts The Man Eaters of Kumaon and Hermann Hesses Noble Prize-winning work, Siddhartha.