ISBN 9781907184086,Shapes



Rob Walker



Scribblers Book House

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9781907184086

ISBN-10 1907184082


Number of Pages 16 Pages
Language (English)


What shape is the tea bag? What is shaped like a cube? The descriptive power that comes with recognising shapes is a key skill in any young child's development. With this curved-corner board book they can play games which enhance these abilities by matching the shape to the correct object. Each spread features the same shapes in the context of a different topic, such as 'Shapes at Home' and 'Shapes in Town'. This enables them to recognise shapes wherever they go! Starting from the everyday things they already know, this book will stimulate and encourage children's natural curiosity about the world around them. Questions on each page encourage interaction and enhance learning. Lively colour photographs and brightly coloured backgrounds make every page visually exciting. Babies and toddlers love books. Right from the start, they love to listen to voices and look at lively pictures. A toddler's brain contains twice as many connections as an adult's, so we have more capacity to learn in infancy than at any other time. Reading to children helps them learn to listen and to recognise and imitate the sounds they hear. They will benefit from books long before they are ready to learn to read. Children love familiar things, and they will enjoy sharing books like this time and time again.