ISBN 9780761997986,Shaping Demand and Practices to Improve Family Health Outcomes : Designing a Behavior Change Communication Strategy in India

Shaping Demand and Practices to Improve Family Health Outcomes : Designing a Behavior Change Communication Strategy in India


SAGE India



SAGE India

Publication Year 2004

ISBN 9780761997986

ISBN-10 0761997989

Hard Back

Number of Pages 444 Pages
Language (English)


This important volume advocates a pro-poor growth strategy where the poor also participate directly as subjects in development. The contributors maintain that a critical element in this process is social mobilization where organizations of the poor work in partnership with a restructured state and a socially responsible private sector. They see a new political space for this in the current attempts at decentralization which are also aimed at developing power to the people. To illustrate these possibilities, the volume presents six case studies from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh. Together they show how new social movements and organizations of the poor are converging with efforts to decentralize and to share power at the local level. This volume breaks new ground by investigating in depth the three important agendas of governance, decentralization/devolution, and poverty eradication, and by highlighting how they can be coordinated to fashion a genuinely pro-poor macro?micro development strategy. Table of Contents Foreword by GOWHER RIZVI I. THE SETTING AND CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK: Introduction The Conceptual Framework PONNA WIGNARAJA II. SIX ILLUSTRATIVE CASE PROFILES: Introduction Decentralization without Mobilisation in Kerala MADHU SUBRAMANIAN Urban Local Government and Private Sector Partnership in Gujarat AMITABH KUNDU and DEBOLINA KUNDU Karachi: Filling the Space in Local Governance with Self-Reliant Development ARIF HASAN and SALIM ALEEMUDDIN Innovative Practice amidst Positive Potential for Paradigm Shift: The Case of Sri Lanka SUSIL SIRIVARDANA Women-Led Pro-Poor Growth with Supportive Decentralization in Nepal SRIKRISHNA UPADHYAY and GOVINDA KOIRALA Decentralisation and Pro-Poor Growth Strategies in Bangladesh: Ready for Convergence SHAIKH MAQSOOD ALI III. LESSONS FOR MACRO-MICRO POLICY: Lessons for Macro-Micro Policy AKMAL HUSSAIN, SUSIL SIRIVARDANA and PONNA WIGNARAJA Selected Readings Index