ISBN 9780761936381,Shaping Organizational Strategies : Future Perspectives, Concepts and Cases

Shaping Organizational Strategies : Future Perspectives, Concepts and Cases


Rohini Sahni



SAGE Publications Ltd

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9780761936381

ISBN-10 0761936386


Number of Pages 372 Pages
Language (English)

Gender studies

What is the diversity of perspectives on sex work in India today? This edited volume addresses this question through its sections on feminist discourse, ethnographic studies, socio-economic-legal-health frameworks and cultural reflections. The first section explores the space for women in prostitution within mainstream feminist discourse in India, and the way it has evolved over time. The second section emphasizes on the heterogeneity of sex work practices with their historical vestiges, contemporary manifestations and urban-rural contrasts. The third section examines the interface of society and prostitution, tracing economic and social undercurrents, health concerns and legal regulations. The final section focuses on the bearings of prostitution on the cultural spheres of literature, language, cinema, theatre and media. In addition to rigorous academic research, this volume also pools in case studies, live discussions and interviews, drawing the experience of a wide spectrum of professionals and organizations working with sex workers. This book is a must-read for professionals and academicians in the fields of Gender Studies, Sociology, Anthropology, Public Health and Social Work. Table of Contents Introduction by ROHINI SAHNI and V KALYAN SHANKAR I: THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS: SEX WORKERS, FEMINISM AND THEORETICAL DEBATES edited by ROHINI SAHNI and V KALYAN SHANKAR Immorality, Hurt or Choice: Indian Feminists and Prostitution GEETANJALI GANGOLI Women`s Movements in India: Do they Include Female Sex Workers?Proceedings of a Live Debate among Women Activists: A Panel Discussion Elusive Choice and Agency: A Feminist Re-reading of the Sex Workers` Manifesto SWATI GHOSH Different Issues/Different Voices: Organization of Women in Prostitution in India ANAGHA TAMBE II: THROUGH THE KALEIDOSCOPE OF TIME: CHANGING FORMS AND EMERGING REALITIES edited by ROHINI SAHNI and HEMANT APTE Ritualized Prostitution: Devdasis to Jogins?A Few Case Studies REKHA PANDE Ethnographic Study of Community-based Sex Workers among NatsR C SWARANKAR Male Sex Work (MSW) BINDUMADHAV V KHIRE Ethnographic Profile of Female Sex Workers of Dharwad, Karnataka AMBUJA KOWLGI and VIJAY KUMAR HUGAR The Invisibles: A Study on Kolkata`s Call Girls ISHITA MAJUMDAR and SUDIPTA PANJA III: AT THE INTERFACE: ECONOMIC, SOCIAL, LEGAL AND HEALTH PERSPECTIVES edited by ROHINI SAHNI and V KALYAN SHANKAR Markets, Histories and Grass-root Evidences: Economics of Sex Work in India ROHINI SAHNI and V KALYAN SHANKAR Surfacing Voices from the Underground MEENA SARASWATHI SESHU LEGAL ASPECTS: ISSUES AND CONCERNS The Legal Framework of Prostitution in India MANOJ WAD and SHARAYU JADHAV CASE STUDIES, COMMENTARIES AND INTERVIEWS Legal Interpretations of Prostitution: Cases and Judgements ZARA KAUSHIK (Mis) reading Through the Lines HARSHAD BARDE Ground Realities of the Legal Framework PUJA YADAV Contesting Legal Positions on Prostitution from a Human Rights Perspective ASIM SARODE HEALTH: ISSUES AND RIGHTS Female Sex Workers and the HIV/AIDS Epidemic in India VIKRANT SAHASRABUDDHE and SANJAY MEHENDALE In the Interest of Business and Health: Women Sex Workers` Efforts to Protect Themselves from HIV MEENA SHIVDAS There is More to Health than AIDS NITIN BORA IV: LOOKING IN THE MIRROR OF CULTURE: REPRESENTATIONS OF PROSTITUTION edited by ROHINI SAHNI and V KALYAN SHANKAR The Veshya, the Ganika and the Tawaif: Representations of Prostitutes and Courtesans in Indian Language, Literature and Cinema GAYATRI CHATTERJEE What does a Language have to Say? Words for Prostitution in Marathi Vocabulary HEMANT APTE and ROHINI SAHNI Modern Theatre as Epitome of Middle Class Civilized Culture: Scripting of Stage Actresses as `Prostitutes` and `Fallen` Women LATA SINGH Producing the Spectacle of Kamathipura: The Politics of Red Light Visibility in Mumbai SVATI P SHAH Index