ISBN 9789380480497,Shobhaa At Sixty

Shobhaa At Sixty


Shobhaa De


Hay House



Hay House

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9789380480497

ISBN-10 9380480490

Paper Back

Number of Pages 260 Pages
Language (English)

Literature fiction

Most people are done with their lives by the age of sixty. But, the bestselling Indian author Shobhaa De has something else to offer in her book Shobhaa At Sixty: Secrets Of Getting It Right At Any Age. She believes that life begins at 60, because after that one does not have to prove anything to anybody. De is recognized as an exuberant and irrepressible character, and similarly her book is full of the enthusiasm for life that she wishes to stimulate in the reader.

This book offers the author's elixir to revive life at the age of sixty. It comes with practical tips on how to cope with the emotional and physical changes of the body post sixty. She declares sixty as the new forty and teaches the reader how to make of the life hereafter.
She talks about the various preoccupations that affect aging people. From discussing health issues, increased levels of anxiety, spiritual quests, loss of a partner, seeking solace and peace, personal grooming techniques, financial advice, travel tips, to the menopausal age of growing women, Shobha De tries to capture all modes of post sixty issues. She provides a perfect do-able antidote for diminishing stamina and deteriorating confidence levels.

In Shobhaa At Sixty: Secrets Of Getting It Right At Any Age, De offers honest, practical, and wise advice to people living in their sixties and above. Giving live examples from her own life, she emphasizes the importance of family relations and highlights the value of a spiritual quest to make life much more meaningful. She advises that it is important to live each moment fully and cherish the small pleasures of life.

With an aim to teach people that age should not stop people from living, De draws a road map to help people plan out their future. She switches between two topics in such a smooth and quick way that it makes the text an interesting read. She further explains the need to retain the Enjoyment Quotient in one's life irrespective of the age. In De's family-focused world, there is no place for old-age homes.
Shobhaa De is a person who has the reins of her life in her hands. She follows her own rules. In Shobhaa At Sixty: Secrets Of Getting It Right At

Any Age, she shares her life experiences of the six decades that she has lived in this world. She gives advice on how to tackle stress and problems and shows how much there is to look forward to even at the age of sixty