ISBN 9788190944137,Should I Shouln'T I-A Romantic Dilemma - The Romantic Dilemma Of A Young Lady

Should I Shouln'T I-A Romantic Dilemma - The Romantic Dilemma Of A Young Lady




Rainbow Publishers



Rainbow Publishers

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9788190944137

ISBN-10 8190944134


Number of Pages 196 Pages
Language (English)


Know thyself" is an oft repeated statement. Little did Anita and Rahul realize that they love each other till they added complexity to their lives. In a gripping tale of twists and turns Anita, beautiful, rich and fashionable spinster runs away from home to escape from a marriage of business alliance, her father planned. Vagaries of fortune brought desperation to her as she was made to fall back upon Rahul, a writer and a co passenger in the train. He provided her means to tide over her personal crisis by offering a place to stay in Mumbai and from there Anita made her way into the hearts of the people around her. Despite her intense dislike for Rahul she was made to suffer emotionally as everyone around viewed them as an engaged couple. Anita's attempts to find a girl for Rahul led to a string of funny incidents and events, while Rahul viewed her only as a character in his manuscript of a play. A sheer twist of fate allowed them to peep inside their hearts where they discovered an attraction bordering on love for each other. The story revolves around the two main characters Anita and Rahul but the added presence of several actors in their life provides humor, comedy, antics, hesitation and romance to the story and a greater psychological depth. Till the end one is unsure about the end. The psychological issues emerging out of hesitation in love are dealt with lightly but leave a lasting impression.