ISBN 9788185616452,Shree Krishna and Bhagvat Gita on Man's Dharma

Shree Krishna and Bhagvat Gita on Man's Dharma



Sharada Publishing House

Publication Year 2003

ISBN 9788185616452

ISBN-10 8185616450

Hard Back

Number of Pages 242 Pages
Language (English)

Holy Books

There are many commentaries on Gita but none has explained the scientific doctrines on which Gita is based. The doctrines are fully vindicated by Physics, Biology and Psychology. This book is not simply a translation of Gita but is a commentary incorporating the doctrines explaining how they compose and work in human psyche and body. It clearly states the Socio-Economic and political principles laid down by scriptures as interpreted by Bhagavan Shree Krishna. Three introduction chapters lay the base of Gita and the rest is a concise commentary on and translation of Gita.
Overall Dharma preached by Shree Krishna
The Doctrines with their terminologies used in Gita
1. Dejection Yoga
2. Saamkhya Yoga
3. Karma-Yoga: Selfless Action Yoga
4. Gyaana-Karma-Sanyaas Yoga
5. Karmasanyaas Yoga i.e. Action-Renunciation Yoga
6. Aatma-Sainyam Yoga : Self-Controlled Yoga
7. Jyaana-Vijyaana Yoga : Knowledge and Relative-KnowledgeYoga
8. Akshara Brahma Yoga
9. Raaj-vidyaa Raaja-Guhya Yoga : Royal-Learnaing and Royal-Secret Yoga
10. Vibhooti Yoga
11. Vishvaroopa Darshana : Sight of Ishavar?s Universal Form
12. Bhakti Yoga: Devotion-Yoga
13. Kshetra and Kshetragya Yoga : Field and Field-knower
14. Three divisions of Gunas : Three tpes of waes i.e. Short, Medium and Long Waves
15. Purushottam Yoga
16. Daivaasura Sampat Vibhaaga-Yoga - Division of Divine and Demonic Wealth
17. Shraddhaatraya Vibhaaga Yoga i.e. Three Categories of Faith
18. Moksha-Sanyaas Yoga i.e. Emancipation-Renunciation Yoga