Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9780230329270

ISBN-10 0230329276


Number of Pages 216 Pages
Language (English)
Watch your Ladder is a book about the reality of life. Most of us strive for vertical growth and go on climbing the ladder, unmindful of which wall it is leaning against! We do not understand the simple saying of the Old Master Lao Tzu -- 'Going up is coming down'. We do not understand the richness of horizontal growth. This book is all about the realities of life simple truths. ?This book happened to me,? says Moid Siddiqui. ?Life whispered to me and I have simply given a figure of language to those whispers a holistic pattern!? People search success outside; success lies within. The internal clarity provides solutions to external problems. Yet we look externally to find solutions. We go on running. Why? Because everyone is running! Today most of us are no different from Kabir's musk deer. Without knowing the right direction, we are speeding up in a mad rush chasing the shadow and stampeding others senselessly. Like the stupid musk deer we are running through the endless maze of About the Author Moid Siddiqui is the Managing Director of Intellects Biz, a consulting company that he floated six years ago, leaving a lucrative corporate position when he was at his best wickets. What he tells others, he first practises. ?Today I feel very content because I am doing what my heart says. Sometimes I say 'No' to my clients and lose money on purpose. I want money to the extent it gets me happiness,? Moid shares his heart with the readers. Moid Siddiqui has served many public sector and private sector companies on senior and board level positions. He has authored 16 books out of which nine are on management themes, and the remaining on spirituality. His two books viz. The Brave New Manager (Tata McGraw Hill) and Corporate Soul (Response Books of Sage) were adjudged as the best books of the years 1995-96 and 2005-06 by Indian Management Association and Indian Society for Training and Development. His many articles were published in professional journals, including 'ASTD's Training and Development'. He has participated in many national and global conventions, and delivered Keynote addresses sharing his views and life-philosophy. He also participated in the global convention organized by 'State of the World Forum' on the delicate theme, 'Creating a Culture of Peace' at San Francisco, in 1999. Many more of his books are in the pipeline. Table of Contents I realised the Truth late ? Wake up and watch your ladder ? Life is not a curve always pointing North ? Recollect your Spiritual Promise ? Aren't we Spiritual Beings? ? Rise above your Five Sensory Perceptions ? Know God to prevent sins ? He who knows himself, knows God ? This Physical World! ? The Next World! ? Loving Eternity ? Five packs of rice ? The reality of ?Illusion? ? Do you know, ?Where you are going?? ? False ?Me? ? False smile harms than heals ? Learn to live in Present ? The shadow of Time ? Learn trusting Life ? Celebrate ?Success? ? ?Peace of Mind? is Divine Bliss ? The ?Unlimited Human Potential? is given for a purpose! ? What ?Life? expects from us? ? ?Pleasure and Pain? - two phases of ?Life?! ? Others? wounds bleed in your heart ? Don't go on looking at the ?Closed Door? ? Adversities are not banes ? Treachery of ?Track-Record? ? Develop a ?Prepared Mind? ? Counter ?Negativity? with ?Positive Thoughts? ? Arguments - Enemy of ?Relationship? ? ?Lose? to ?Win? ? Your tongue can't express ?Sorry? ? Mind your tongue ? Hugging is powerful ? Hug in your imagination ? Feed success to Heart and failures to Mind ? Praise but don't flatter ? Giving is Gaining ? Give for ?No returns? ? Pay Forward ? ?Longing? is a spiritual journey ? Graveyard makes us humble ? Love and Lust ? Make your Love visible ? Love what you do ? Love Mankind ? Love God First ? ?Collective Consciousness? creates War and Peace ? Shed away greed and hatred ? Know Thy Self ? Recognise your true ?self ? ? Who is the Creator? ? The Creator is Incomprehensible ? Death - a Gift! ? ?Landing? is more important than ?Taking off ? ? Watch your Ladder - Is it leaning against the Right Wall? ? Watch the first step of your Ladder