ISBN 9789339222253,Signals And Systems

Signals And Systems



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9789339222253

ISBN-10 9339222253


Number of Pages 1168 Pages
Language (English)

Signal processing

Signals And Systems Gives Students The Ability To Properly Use Analytical Tools And Techniques In The Field
Of Signals And Systems. Students Learn To Develop Concepts And Their Interrelationship Both Intuitively And
Salient Fearutes:
-Flexible Organization Allows The Text To Be Used In Many Ifferent Ways.
- Over 475 Examples, 175 Problems With Solutions, And 750 End-Of Chapter Problems.
- Matlab Is Used In Many Examples And Exercises.

Table Of Contents:-
Chapter 1 Introduction To Signals Chapter 2 Sinusoids Chapter 3 Systems, Linearity, And Time-Invariance (Lti) Chapter 4 Superposition, Convolution, And Correlation Chapter 5 Differential Equations And Lti Systems Chapter 6 The Laplace Transform And Its Applications Chapter 7 Fourier Series Chapter 8 Fourier Transform Chapter 9 System Function And Frequency Response Chapter 10 Time-Domain Sampling And Reconstruction Chapter 11 Discrete-Time Signals Chapter 12 Linear Time-Invariant Discrete-Time Systems Chapter 13 Discrete Convolution Chapter 14 Lti Difference Equations Chapter 15 The Z-Tramsform And Its Applications Chapter 16 Discrete-Time Fourier Transforms (Dtft) Chapter 17 Discrete Fourier Transform (Dtft) Chapter 18 System Function, The Frequency Response, And Digital Filters Appendixes Appendix A. Electric Circuits Appendix B. Some Mathematical Functions And Identies Appendix C. Complex Numbers Appendix D. Matrices And Determinants Appendix E. Matlab Functions Epilog Index