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Singh_District Diary -Singh



Macmillan India Limited

Publication Year 2002

ISBN 9780333936436

ISBN-10 0333936434


Number of Pages 121 Pages
Language (English)


This is a collection of articles, originally written by Jaswant Singh for ?District Dairy?, a column that appeared in The Indian Express in the 1980s. Arun Shourie, then Editor of the paper, wanted to give the district a voice, for it is that unit of society in which the spirit of rural India lives. About the Author Jaswant Singh - A prominent figure in India?s public life and the current Minister of Finance. Table of Contents District to Delhi ? Gordhan?s Daughter ? Politics of Self-Interest ? A Gathering ? An Old Soldier on Sri Lanka ? The Missed Bus ? New Beginnings ? The Village Fair ? Without Water or Wood ? Pomp and Poverty ? The Rot is Too Deep ? The Village View of Bofors ? Criminal Medicine ? Petty Crimes ? Nathi Bai - A Widow?s Life ? Tourism Troubles ? Vishwakarma?s Disciple ? The Smuggler-Hero ? Election Overtures ? Unsung Heroines ? A Condolence Gathering ? Loosening Bonds ? A Panchayati ? Elections in the Village ? Delhi to District