ISBN 9789384028299,Singing Soul - A Garland of Captivating Poems

Singing Soul - A Garland of Captivating Poems



Omji Publishing House

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789384028299

ISBN-10 9384028290


Number of Pages 120 Pages
Language (English)


The book you are holding is a garland of well-crafted evocative poems, sensibly handpicked. Each soul visiting the planet Earth goes through unique experiences and discovers the worldly life with its myriad hues. Our thoughts, society and mother nature, all play varied roles in offering the glimpses of classy life and cosmic melodrama. From that dramatic platform Singing Soul exquisitely picks vivacious moments for you. All the poems are profound in thought and worded in thought provoking styles.

About the Author

Shalini Samuel from the southern tip of India, Kanyakumari started her writing journey as a blogger. Poetry was her unfulfilled dream then. She explored poetry and slowly started learning the nuances of it. Her poems got published in print and online journals. She is currently editing e-magazine fragrance. She has also edited various novels and short stories. She tells
All light beams cast shadow
All green leaf withers someday
But hope never dies
With the hope of charming your hearts
My pen moves on