ISBN 9788185616124,Sivasutravarttika Of Bhatta Bhaskaracarya:Being A Verse Commentary On The Sivasutra Of Vasugupta

Sivasutravarttika Of Bhatta Bhaskaracarya:Being A Verse Commentary On The Sivasutra Of Vasugupta



Sharada Publishing House

Publication Year 1993

ISBN 9788185616124

ISBN-10 8185616124

Hard Back

Number of Pages 212 Pages
Language (English)


The Sivasutras of Vasugupta is an aphoristic Agamic text of Kashmir Saivism, Known as Trika. The tradition records that the Sutras were revealed to Vasugupta by Lord Siva himself, through an inscription on a rock which is still found in Kashmir. The Sutras form the basic text of the school and they have come down in at least two recensions. They had been interpreted by a number of Acaryas, naturally in different ways, without interfering with the basic tenets of the school. Most of the earlier interpretations are now lost, owing to the influence of Abhinavagupta, with the exception of the interpretations of the Sutras given by Bhaskara in his Sivasutravarttika. Bhaskara claims to have received it is a direct line of spiritual and intellectual inheritance from Vasugupta through Kallata, a direct disciple of the former. It is probable that in it we have the sense in which Kallata understood them from Vasugupta. Therefore, the Varttika, though not much elaborate is supposed to contain an earlier interpretation and, hence is of immense historical importance. The present volume which is reprint of volumes iv and v of Kashmir series of texts and studies contain the Sutras, the Varttika and an anonymous gloss called the Vrtti. The Varttika is in verse whereas the Vritti is in terse prose. The present edition includes an exhaustive introduction in Sanskrit, outlining the history of the Kashmir tradition of Saivism and its texts, by a renowned scholar of Indian philosophy