ISBN 9780141033051,Six Thinking Hats

Six Thinking Hats


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Penguin Books

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9780141033051

ISBN-10 0141033053


Number of Pages 192 Pages
Language (English)


Six Thinking Hats mainly talks about the meetings and rendezvouses that take place in the life of any individual. Sometimes the meetings go well and sometimes they do not. This book attempts to make meetings turn out productive. It prevents meetings from going terribly wrong. It provides its solutions in a very lucid and flexible way. It delves deep into the way a human brain operates and how that helps in the success of the meeting. Various kinds of people think in different ways and that influences the progress of the meetings. To produce effective results in the meeting, people make proper use of their mettle and expertise. In addition to meetings, it also assists people in any normal conversation and interaction in their daily lives. The rules are very simple and promises to help professionals from all walks of life. In short, Six Thinking Hats is comprehensively written and offers to help individuals and countries to give constructive conclusions to meetings, and in a much more productive way. About Edward De Bono Edward De Bono is best known as a reputed physician and author. Apart from this book, the author is famous for writing many other books, some of which are Po: A Device for Successful Thinking, The Five-Day Course in Thinking, and Opportunities : A Handbook for Business Opportunity Search. The theme that is seen to be followed in Edward de Bono's creations is based on the fact that logical and unambiguous thought processes have inhibitions only since it is an application of exaggeration. He expresses his thoughts by means of some of his books that innovative thought generation should be perceived as a positive process which can prove instrumental in many cases. He was born in Malta in the year 1933. He started his primary education at St Edward's College in Malta. Afterwards, De Bono became a graduate when he was just 15 years old. Later on, he went on to pursue his medical degree from the University of Malta along with being selected as a Rhodes Scholar at Christ Church, Oxford, in England. In this college itself, De Bono obtained his master’s degree in psychology as well as physiology. Moreover, he is a Ph.D. degree as well as a D.Phil. degree holder in Medicine. He obtained these accolades from Trinity College, Cambridge. In addition to that, he has a D.Des. Degree which he obtained from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. De Bono is a privileged associate of the Medical Research Society as well as the Athenaeum Club. He was previously married to Josephine Hall-White, and has two sons with her.