ISBN 9788185616230,Small Farming In Central India

Small Farming In Central India



Sharada Publishing House

Publication Year 1995

ISBN 9788185616230

ISBN-10 818561623X

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Farming is the first known and practised profession of human species on earth. Tilling of soil and rasing of crops became the first revolution of manking in recorded history. In the modern age agriculture supplies raw material such as cotton,jete,sugarcane,etc.and ensures foodgrains and horticultural crops to anumber of agrobased industires.
Major partners of agricultural production in Indian economy are non else than the small farmers. They constitute the biggest ever class of people engaged in aparticular operation throughout India in rural areas. Madhya Pradesh in one of the less developed states in the Union of India. A Study of its economy with particular reference to its lesspriviledged farming community willk help understand better the conditions of its counterpart in the neighbouring states also.
For a general study of small and marginal famers in the State as it has been attempted in the present work the owners of a particulars size of land holdings and other parameters like extent of irrigation,level of annual income,etc. have been considered secondarily.
The general scenario of agricultural development with special reference to the relative strenght and weekness of this state vis--a-vis others in India has been dealt with in a chapter In another chapter the need for a suitable package deal has been suggested and analysed.The adaption of small family norms by small and marginal farmers in Madhya Pradesh has been emphasized. Other chapters deal with the necessity of land development by various ways and means irrigation and cropping pattern,government's role in the promotion of irrigation systems technology of bio-gas plant to the rural areas,merits and demerits of the present credit institutions. A Suggestion has been giver for bold departure from the current thinking and approach of the planners and administrators. The work concludes with presenting of some important criteria in the economics of small farming