ISBN 9781846140624,Small Fforces Behind Todays Big Changes

Small Fforces Behind Todays Big Changes


Mark J. Penn


Penguin Books



Penguin Books

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9781846140624

ISBN-10 1846140625

Paper Back

Number of Pages 448 Pages
Language (English)


Why the most important trends in the world today are the smallest ones. In Microtrends, Mark Penn, an expert with over thirty years' experience in finding and motivating niche groups, reveals the true trends in our society today, uncovering what's really popular (which is not what we might think is popular). In every case, the ideas shaping our world are relatively unseen - under-the-radar forces that can involve as little as one per cent of the population, yet their impact on society is huge. Aspiring Snipers, Exploding Ex-Cons, Shy Millionaires and Neglected Dads ...these are just some of the new trends named here for the first time. This groundbreaking book about the way people think and how they act explains where these movements have come from and their impact on how we live, how we vote, what we buy and what we want. Showing us how to become better trend spotters ourselves, it is invaluable for understanding our society better - for business, politics and individuals.