ISBN 9789381384657,Smart Housekeeping : For the 21st Century Woman

Smart Housekeeping : For the 21st Century Woman


V & S Publishers



V & S Publishers

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789381384657

ISBN-10 9381384657


Number of Pages 292 Pages
Language (English)

Cleaning & Caretaking

A beautiful home is the pride and goal of every woman. In fact, a housewife is very often judged by the way she keeps her house. For her it's like a temple-a key through which she can ensure the highest level of physical and emotional comfort for her family. And in view of its critical significance in ones life, it's imperative that your home is managed well. True it's an art every homemaker must master. This comprehensive volume written by a seasoned housewife who is also a professional interior designer, is one such handy help that deals with the subject in a critical and comprehensive manner. Never before so many tips and suggestions, covering every aspect of the subject, have been put together in a single volume.