ISBN 9788129117397,Sms Slang And Chat Room Slang

Sms Slang And Chat Room Slang


Terry O Brien


Rupa & Co



Rupa & Co

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788129117397

ISBN-10 8129117398


Number of Pages 152 Pages
Language (English)


The rise of technology has not only changed the way we view and live our lives today, but also, the way we look at communication. Now there' s no need to email or to even call your friends. With the development of SMS, things have become so much easier. It is so addictive and compelling in nature that it has even created its own version of the English language. This sub-language is known for its expressiveness using emotions as well as its economy due to its use of several abbreviations. SMS Slang and Chat Room Slang puts together a complete list of SMS linguistics for its users and readers. So enjoy! HAND: Have A Nice Day LBW: Love ' n' Best Wishes ITALY: I Trust And Love You About the Author Terry O' Brien is an academician by vocation and a passionate quiz enthusiast by avocation. His leit-motif is the igniting of quizzing instinct and an aptitude to develop the 3 Rs of learning ? Read, Record, Recall. He is a Trainer' s Trainer and a motivational speaker.