ISBN 9788121211420,Social Transformation In Kashmir: A Study

Social Transformation In Kashmir: A Study


B.A. Dabla



Gyan Publishing House

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788121211420

ISBN-10 8121211425

Hard Back

Number of Pages 396 Pages
Language (English)

Constitution: government & the state

This Book stands as the academic presentation of sociological narratives of 30 prominent and representative social characters which have emerged in the Kashmir society in post-accession period in the Context of broader and deeper social transformation. It portrays a positive image of the Kashmiri personality, Kashmiri society and Kashmiri identity. It represents a serious academic effort to observe the Kashmiri as individuals and members of society; as they are and feel; as they think and understand; as they behave and operate; as they act, react and interact; as they construct and deconstruct the reality; as they wish, aspire, practice and uphold distinctive ideas, ideals, views, opinions, perspectives about life and society. In essence, it conveys a comprehensive picture of hardware and software of social life in Kashmir. The 30 social characters explained in this book included the following : , - The Folk Kashmiri , - Scientist and Academician Small Businessman , - Table-boy and Businessman Kashmiri Youth , - Educationist and Social Notable The Political Ideologue , - The ex-Militant Doctor from Lower Caste , - Professional Musician , , The 30 social characters have been analyzed in the framework of following sociological variables : , - Social Context - In-out Family socialization Education and Career , - Occupation and mobility - Social Likes and Dislikes Concepts of I, Me & We , - The Ideal Character - Ideas of Equality and Inequality Conflict Experience , , This book is based on unconventional and unique method of 'biographical approach' which emphasizes on the study of biographical details and data of individuals in society. The life itself has become the sole primary source of information.