ISBN 9788178359465,Society, Economy, Religion And Festivals of Tiwas In Assam

Society, Economy, Religion And Festivals of Tiwas In Assam



Kalpaz Publications

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9788178359465

ISBN-10 8178359464

Hard Back

Number of Pages 215 Pages
Language (English)

Crime & criminology

The book provides an insight into the way of life and thinking of both the groups of Tiwas plains Tiwas as well as the Hill Tiwas. It is an attempt to understand their society economy religion and their festive occasions. It contains information on their village organizations clans, property rights, inheritance, the rituals performed in various cycles of life birth, marriage and death, youth dormitory kinship relations, status of women their various economic activities their delicacies the various deities they worship at different times of the year, ancestor veneration, divination about how some of the hill Tiwas embraced Christianity their different festivals.