ISBN 9788121504164,Socio-Religious, Economic and Literary Condition of Bihar (from c. 319 AD to 1000 AD)

Socio-Religious, Economic and Literary Condition of Bihar (from c. 319 AD to 1000 AD)



Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 1962

ISBN 9788121504164

ISBN-10 8121504163

Hard Back

Number of Pages 226 Pages
Language (English)


Bihar is one of those Indian States whose contribution to the history and 'culture of India is what could be called distinctive. It is a wellkno,wn'fact that,during,many a period in the past, the wheel of India rotated ,round the exis of Bihar and the history of Bihar was the history"of India itself. From there emerged great rulers, religious luminaries, statesman, scholars and pandits whose actions determined the destiny oLthis country. The present book is a critical and elaborate study of Ancient Bihar during its seven centuries from co 319 to 1000 a.d. in its varied aspects like the social, religious, ecortomic and literary, and is based on archaeological data and the literary accounts of the period. It author, Dr. B. S. Verma, has, gathered his facts from every available source including the couplets of &iddhas and collated them discreetly. Scholars will find, that Wis conclusions are convincing.