ISBN 9780071074087,Sociology In The Age Of The Internet

Sociology In The Age Of The Internet



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9780071074087

ISBN-10 0071074082


Number of Pages 224 Pages
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In recent years there has been a large and diverse body of writing from scholars in the social sciences who have been studying changes brought about by new communication technologies in general and the Internet in particular. The question of how people behave, interact and organize themselves in relation to this form of communication has been given added prominence by developments within new social theory, especially in relation to the novelty of contemporary social formations and the importance of mass communications to this changed order. For the student new to the study of technology and society, there are a bewildering array of claims and counter claims, representing a spectrum of theoretical, methodological and critical sensibilities in relation to the Internet. In this new book Allison Cavanagh evaluates the work in this area by: Investigating the novelty of the Internet and setting the Internet in the context of communication histories Evaluating the extent and rate of change through a synthesis of the available empirical literature Providing a key to understanding the changes identified through an evaluation of the utility of new social theory Sociology in the Age of the Internet is essential reading for academics and students with an interest in the relationship between the internet and society. TABLE OF CONTENTS Dedication Acknowledgements Introduction Section 1 The rise of the network metaphor Approaches to networks Network methodologies The network society The Internet as a network Section 2: The Internet as a media Elements of a public sphere Interactivity : It?s got to be jelly cos jam don't The global public sphere and forms of power Section 3: The Internet as a social space Community Online identity Section 4: The Internet as a technology Sociologies of technology The sociology of technology and the Internet: Emergent perspectives Bibliography