ISBN 9789351281573,Sociology of Sanitation

Sociology of Sanitation


Richard Pais


Kalpaz Publication



Kalpaz Publication

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9789351281573

ISBN-10 9351281574


Number of Pages 296 Pages
Language (English)
Description: About The Book:- For any social and economic development, adequate sanitation in conjunction with good hygiene and safe water are essential to good health. A lack of sanitation and hygiene contributes to arrange of health and environmental problems. The resulting sickness causes suffering, and loss of opportunities to earn a living or gain an education. Though the Congress led UPA government started with 'Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan', present day Modi government continued it with 'Swachh Bharat Mission' with greater vigour. The programme is aimed at creating a clean India by 2019 with people's participation. The book, Sociology of Sanitation, provides in-depth knowledge of sanitation and also provides a glimpse of Sulabh Sanitation Movement. The book is useful for students, educators, social workers, social scientists, social planners and policy makers. The book shows that 'Swatch Bharat' will lead to 'Swasth Bharat'...................................................................................................... About The Author:- Richard Pais retired as Professor and Head, Department of Sociology, St Aloysius (Autonomous) College, Mangalore. He has post graduate degrees in Sociology and Psychology from the University of Poona and Ph.D. from the Mangalore University. He has written/edited 17 books and an equal number of research papers/articles. In 2007, he received the L. P. Vidyarthi Award conferred by Indian Social Science Association, Agra for his contribution to the development of Social Sciences in the country. He is the Managing Editor of Social Science Gazetteer, the Journal of Indian Social Science Association, Agra and Chief Editor of Samaja Shodhana, the Journal of Mangalore Sociology Association, Mangalore. At present, he is the Vice-President of Indian Social Science Association, Agra................................................................................Contents:- ( 7 ) Contents Foreword 11 Preface 15 Chapter 1 Introduction to Sociology of Sanitation 17 1.1 Meaning and Definition 18 1.2 Sociology and Sanitation 19 1.3 Origin of Sociology of Sanitation 21 1.4 Nature of Sociology of Sanitation 22 1.5 Subject Matter of Sociology of Sanitation 24 1.6 Importance of Sociology of Sanitation 29 Chapter 2 Sociology of Sanitation and Other Social Sciences 35 2.1 Sociology of Sanitation and History 35 2.1 Sociology of Sanitation and Economics 38 2.2 Sociology of Sanitation and Sociology 43 2.3 Sociology of Sanitation and Psychology 44 2.4 Sociology of Sanitation and Anthropology 47 Chapter 3 Sanitation and Other Social Institutions 53 3.1 Caste and Religion 53 3.2 Family and Kinship 61 3.3 Education and Sanitation 64 3.4 Village Community and Ethnic Group 67 3.5 Slums and Sanitation 72 3.6 Health Institutions and Sanitation 75 3.7 Corporate Sector and Sanitation 79 Chapter 4 Scientific Methods in Sociology of Sanitation 93 4.1 Scientific Method 93 4.2 Steps in Scientific Method 96 4.3 Research Design 99 4.4 Sampling 102 4.5 Methods of Data Collection 105 4.5.1 Historical Method 107 4.5.2 Observation 107 4.5.3 Interview 110 4.5.4 Questionnnaire 111 4.5.5 Case Study Method 113 4.6 Processing and Analysis of Data 114 4.7 Report Writing 116 Chapter 5 Culture of Sanitation 119 5.1 Social Components in Scavenging and Cleanliness 121 5.2 Culture and Dirt Attitudes 125 5.3 Beliefs and Values Associated with Dirt 130 5.4 Problems of Scavenging 132 5.5 Concepts of Purity and Impurity in Sanitation 136 5.6 Development and Sanitation 139 Chapter 6 Reinvention of Sanitation in Modern World 145 6.1 Changes in Sanitation from Ancient to Modern 146 6.2 Modern Technology in Sanitation 153 6.3 Prevention is Better than Cure 158 6.4 Sanitation as Business 161 6.5 Sanitation as Dignity 163 Chapter 7 Environmental Sanitation 167 7.1 Levels of Sanitation: Individual, Household and Community 170 7.2 Problems of Environmental Sanitation in India 176 7.3 Public Toilets, Organisation and Functioning 179 7.4 Sanitation and Safe Drinking Water 186 Chapter 8 State and Sanitation in India 193 8.1 Sanitation Policies, Planning and Programmes 194 8.2 Liberation and Rehabilitation of Scavengers 205 8.3 Sanitation in Karnataka 212 8.4 Solid Waste Management: A Study of Mangalore City Corporation 223 Chapter 9 Globalisation and Sanitation 239 9.1 WHO and Sanitation 240 9.2 UNICEF and Sanitation 245 9.3 World Toilet Organisation (WTO) 250 9.4 Non­ Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and Sanitation 253 Chapter 10 Sulabh Sanitation Movement in India 257 10.1 Dr Bindeshwar Pathak ­ The Founder 258 10.2 Origin and Objectives 263 10.3 Emergence and Growth 265 10.4 Areas of Major Initiative 274 10.5 Action Sociology 279 Index 283The Title 'Sociology of Sanitation written by Richard Pais' was published in the year 2015. The ISBN number 9789351281573 is assigned to the Hardcover version of this title. This book has total of pp. 296 (Pages). The publisher of this title is Kalpaz Publications. This Book is in English.