ISBN 9781107012967,Software Testing

Software Testing



Cambridge University Press

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9781107012967

ISBN-10 1107012961


Number of Pages 650 Pages
Language (English)

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Software Testing is conducted to provide stakeholders with information about the quality of a product under test. The book aims to present testing concepts and methods that can be implemented in practice. It has been developed as a result of the author?s 20 years of teaching experience. The text will help to learn how to find software faults before it is made available to its users. A judicious mix of software testing concepts, solved examples and real-life case studies makes it ideal for a basic course on software testing. The book will be a useful resource for students, academicians, software practitioners and researchers. Key Features Presents the important concepts of software testing Discusses techniques that can be effectively applied in practice Promotes verification testing as an integral to modern software testing Explains the issues, challenges, and difficulties of testing web applications Provides important testing metrics and models Signifies the importance of automated test data generation along with search and constraint based testing Presents numerous solved examples and 200 practice exercises Table of Contents List of Figures List of Tables Preface Acknowledgements 1 Introduction 2 Functional Testing 3 Essentials of Graph Theory 4 Structural Testing 5 Software Verification 6 Creating Test Cases from Requirement and Use Cases 7 Selection, Minimization and Prioritization of Test Cases for Regression Testing 8 Software Testing Activities 9 Object Oriented Testing 10 Metrics and Models in Software Testing 11 Testing Web Applications 12 Automated Test Data Generation Appendix I ? SRS of University Registration System Appendix II ? Test Cases from Use Cases Appendix III ? Validity Checks References Answers to Multiple Choice Questions Index

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