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Soil Mechanics





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Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9788126539918

ISBN-10 8126539917

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Number of Pages 568 Pages
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Soil & rock mechanics

Table of Contents
Part I Introduction

Chapter 1 Soil Problems in Civil Engineering
Chapter 2 A Preview of Soil Behavior

Part II The Nature of Soil

Chapter 3 Description of an Assemblage of Particles
Chapter 4 Description of an Individual Soil Particle
Chapter 5 Normal Stress between Soil Particles
Chapter 6 Shear Resistance between Soil Particles
Chapter 7 Soil Formation

Part III Dry Soil

Chapter 8 Stresses within a Soil Mass
Chapter 9 Tests to Measure Stress-Strain Properties
Chapter 10 General Aspects of Stress-Strain Behavior
Chapter 11 Shear Strength of Cohesion less Soil
Chapter 12 Stress-Strain Relationships
Chapter 13 Earth Retaining Structures and Slopes
Chapter 14 Shallow Foundations
Chapter 15 Dynamic Loading of Soil

Part IV Soil with Water-No Flow or Steady Flow

Chapter 16 Effective Stress Concept
Chapter 17 One-Dimensional Fluid Flow
Chapter 18 Two-Dimensional Fluid Flow
Chapter 19 Soil Permeability and Filter Requirements
Chapter 20 General Aspects of Drained Stress-Strain Behavior
Chapter 21 Drained Shear Strength
Chapter 22 Stress-Strain Relations for Drained Conditions
Chapter 23 Earth Retaining Structures with Drained Conditions
Chapter 24 Earth Slopes with Drained Conditions
Chapter 25 Shallow Foundations with Drained Conditions

Part V Soil with Water-Transient Flow

Chapter 26 Pore Pressures Developed During Undrained Loading
Chapter 27 Consolidation Theory
Chapter 28 Drained and Undrained Stress-Strain Behavior
Chapter 29 Undrained Shear Strength
Chapter 30 Stress-Strain Relations for Undrained Conditions
Chapter 31 Earth Retaining Structures and Earth Slopes with Undrained Conditions
Chapter 32 Shallow Foundations with Undrained Conditions
Chapter 33 Deep Foundations
Chapter 34 The Improvement of Soil
Appendix A Symbols
Appendix B Conversion
Appendix C References

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